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Article: [ The Archer ] : Men's Briefs and the Flys that Make Them

[ The Archer ] : Men's Briefs and the Flys that Make Them

To have a fly or not ?

Flys in men's underwear have swiftly fallen out of favor over the years and we couldn't disagree more. Interestingly, this small design feature plays a significant role in providing convenience, comfort, and functionality. Read on to see why you need to reconsider this classic, and manly dare we say, design feature.

Convenience and Access

A fly in men's briefs offers a convenient opening that allows for easy access when nature calls. Instead of having to unfasten and unbuckle an entire ensemble followed by completely resetting the many layers, men can simply unzip and operate the fly. This is especially beneficial in situations where privacy is limited, such as public restrooms or crowded spaces.

Ventilation and Hygiene

Another key benefit of a fly in briefs is improved comfort and ventilation. A fly allows for better airflow, reducing discomfort in the groin area. Men who opt for briefs without a fly may notice a more restrictive and less breathable fit, leading to potential irritation and moisture buildup. Flys also promote better functionality and hygiene. Allowing for discreet and hassle-free use of urinals, ensuring minimal contact with potentially unhygienic surfaces.

Fly Design

We chose the most classic design of the vertical fly for our debut Classic Fella briefs. However, we intend to introduce other fly styles in future collections. Particularly the less often seen, at least in America, button fly for briefs. Ultimately, the goal is to choose a fly design that provides the desired level of comfort and ease of use for you. The horizontal fly has made a resurgence but this type is not quite as aesthetically pleasing as vertical flys.

Let us know your thoughts on flys! Even if you don't regularly use them - they do come in handy and have other added benefits. We bet you'll wish you had one next time you're suited up for a special occasion or headed to the slopes buried in layers of fleece.