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Classic Fella: An American Heritage Brand

  • Classic Fella specializes in undergarments and attire made for men who go the extra-mile. Apparel that stands refined, timeless, sensible, stylish, and above-all: crafted of superior quality.

  • Through the years, underwear styles in particular have strayed far from the prescriptive styles that work well for the polished man. We stand by style inspired from American men of generations past, made of natural fibers like cotton, produced in storied European mills, and created to reflect the modern men we aim to exude.

  • You will be hard-pressed to find anything like what we offer at Classic Fella. Most men's underwear & attire are cheaply made of synthetic fabrics that are unbeneficial for the male anatomy and poor choices for the environment.

  • Moreover, the styles are not in-line with a gentleman's attire due to colors and patterns that are downright tacky, plus technical features that men do not need. On top of that, the price-value difference versus Classic Fella is astounding.

  • If you're a Classic Man that cares about the way you dress down to the last detail, then we would love the opportunity to build a quality wardrobe with you - starting with undergarments plus our tailored classics like button-downs and pleated shorts.

Our mission fulfills an initiative of authenticity and camaraderie to a life well-lived. Showcasing what it means to be a man at his peak. We've taken inspiration from the American men of generations past, to provide aspirations for today's discerning men. Undergarments and Attire that are classic, confident, and full of American style. Everything you need and nothing more. Design for the Best of Men.

Aim High at Classic Fella.


T.S. Powell

Classic Fella was established to empower men to live at their greatest potential by its founder, Stephen, who was raised in northern Mississippi to aim high and pursue his passions. As a form of creative expression, Stephen began developing the concept of Classic Fella in Spring of 2021 - a notable contrast to his profession as a physician.

Stephen sought the opportunity to design high quality undergarments that objectify aspirations of a life well lived. Classic Fella is built around the principle of being one's best, truest self, a thought that echoes the teachings of Stephen's upbringing. Today, Stephen resides in Atlanta, where he continues to inspire men through Classic Fella, not just in terms of outer presentation but, more importantly, the cultivation of character.

a new school of thought

Beginning at the core of a lasting wardrobe, Classic Fella offers a new standard for the dressing and framing of our client’s greatest years reimagined through the lens of decades past. We strive to inspire men to achieve, provide, and take true action in their lives centered with wholesome character. 

raison d'etre

Classic Fella rests on the principle of being one’s best, most authentic self. The Archer in our brandmark symbolizes an aim to more intentional living. By reaffirming a united fellowship among men, Classic Fella celebrates confidence through timeless design.

achieving sustainability

Classic Fella maintains adherence to sustainable practices through our small physical footprint, natural fiber fabrics whenever possible, and use of paper products and recycled materials for packaging. We also partner with like-minded suppliers, production facilities, and mills to ensure our impact is as contained as possible without impacting quality.

european development

Seen right is Ken Coffey, a designer who works with our team, deep in conversation with Italy during development of our debut collection. Atlanta, Georgia.

purposeful impact

The mission and brand promise of Classic Fella naturally falls in line with many philanthropic opportunities to share how style and confidence can benefit all. We partner with local projects in Georgia throughout the year. We will be sharing these events and their importance to our brand’s mission via client communications.

team strategy

Seen left are our founder alongside our team's trusted advisor and champion, Rebecca Blair, during early brand strategy sessions. A summer evening on the Square. Oxford, Mississippi.